1           Johannes Outman

JOHANNES OUTMAN was born in the Free City of Hamburg, then a member of the Hanseatic League, since 1871, a part of the German empire. That he was of Holland descent appears in the oath heretofore quoted - "that they are ......pure of blood." His parents having died, he was reared by one Lieve Davits and was trained as a gloutlakenwercker, which is believed to mean general cloth worker and kindred trades.

He was born in the year 1654 as appears by his oath and died 7 March 1716 at the age of 64 years. He died in New York City but is believed to be buried in Monmouth County, New Jersey. (See records heretofore quoted.)

Prior to 1678 he had removed to Amsterdam, Holland, where he married about 1683 Femmetje Kock, daughter of Yoost Yanss Kock, a silversmith. As in the case of Johannes, she was an orphan and was reared by her guardian, Roelof Zweeries. One child, Anna, was born in Amsterdam.

In 1687 the family removed to New York City, where they became members of the Dutch Reformed Church on September 2, 1687, uniting by letters from Amsterdam. The records of the church indicate that they were prominent and faithful members of that church during their lifetime.

Johannes acquired property at what is now 72 Pearl Street, New York City, and acquired much other real property in the vicinity. He was a merchant and importer and was also concerned with maritime affairs. the Court Records of New York seem to indicate that he helped to finance ventures of Captain William Kidd during the time the Captain was commissioned a Privateer by the British Government.

In the 1700 census of New York City, Johannes Outman is listed as the "master of family" in a household containing one male, age 16 to 20, two females, one male child and one male Negro.

According to the "New-York Army List, 1700", "Jo" Outman" is listed as a Cornet "Of the Troop of Horse in y said Regim". The list, for the Province of Yew York, is a "List of y Militia in his Ma Province of New York in America commisionated by his Excel. Rich Earle of Bellomont, Capt Generall & Gov in Chief in & over his Ma said Province &c. viz".

On 5 July 1715, an act was passed by the General Assembly of the Province of New York "for naturalizing all Protestants of Foreign Birth now Inhabiting within this Colony." Such persons were required to take the Abjuration Oath, which swore allegiance to King George, "Lawfull and Rightfull King", as against all claimants to the Crown in the name of the late King James,. This oath was taken by Johannis Outman [of New York, Merchant]" on 23 August 1715.

After the death of Johannes in 1716, his wife Femmetje continued in the business until her death which occurred 28 March 1732.

Children of Johannes and Femmetje (Kock) Outman:

2        Anna,  b. ca 1685/86, Amsterdam, Holland; m. Benjamin d'Harriette;
               Children, surname d'Harriette:
               A       Johannes, b. 10 Apr 1700
                               B       Johannis, b. 7 Aug 1705
               C       Anna, b. 5 Jan 1707
               D       Benjamin, b. 26 Oct, 1709

Benjamin d'Harriette's Will is llisted in Calendar of Wills and is dated 3 April 1741, naming his son Benjamin. Ther is only an abstract of part of the Will, mentioning "the aforesaid John D'Harriette Smith, the aforesaid Elizabeth Groesbeeck, Magdalen Groesbeeck, another da. of the said John Groesbeeck, Ann, Catherine, Mary and Susannah, also daughter of said John Groesbeeck." The abstract mentions a house and lot on the N. side of Qreen Str., purchased from George Duneau, Michall Duneau and William Ludlow.

3 Judith

bp. 2 Mar 1688, New York City; m. 1) Jan Smith, Mariner (also referred to as John Smith); 2) Samuel Vincent, Master Mariner

Children, surname Smith: (According to Genealogical Notes of New York and New England Families, (Talcott 1973), Femma/Phoebe was the daughter of John Smith, not Samuel Vincent. Johannes' Will refers to Judith as "wife of John Smith", so she was not yet married to Samuel Vincent by 1714, and Femma/Phoebe was two years old at the time. It is possible they later took their stepfather's name.

A Anna, b. 18 Sep 1709

B Femma/Phoebe, b. 24 Sept 1712; m. Adrian, son of Thomas Harmense Hun and Mayeke Oothout, Aug 1733. He was b. 15 Jun 1709, d. 11 Jan 1737/8. Children, surname Hun:

I Judith, b. 19 Feb 1734/5; m. Uriah Carl

II Thomas, b. 20 Sep 1736; m. Catherina Van Emberg, 1762; d. 15 Sep 1797

III Phoebe, b. 22 Jul 1738

C Dirk

4 Johannes

(afterward called John), bp. 26 Dec 1691; d. ca Mar 1754, Stratford, Fairfield Co. , CT; m. 1) Isabelle Williams, bef Apr 1719; 2) Elizabeth Janes, 31 Dec 1725

5 Francois

bp. 17 May 1693; d. Prior to 1714
Francois is not mentioned in the Will of Johannes dated 8 January 1714, or in that of Femmetje of 27 March 1732; nor is he listed in the 1700 census of New York City. We have presumed, therefore, that Francois died at an early age.

Will Of Johannes Outman


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