10        WILLIAM3     (John2, Johannes1), son of John and Elizabeth (Janes) Oatman, was baptized at Stratford, Connecticut, in 1736.  The exact date of his birth is not known.  On 26 May 1756 he married Phebe Elmore, who married twice afterward and in 1784 is said to have been living with a brother in Stratford.  This information appears in the Elmore Genealogy but is sadly lacking in dates and other pertinent detail.


The question as to whether William was the father of a family by this marriage is unsettled.  In this connectin,  we must consider persons and families of the name who are otherwise traced as descendants of Johannes Outman. 


In the 1790 census we find at Newburg, New York, one Stephen Oatman who had one son over 16 years of age and three other children.  We may estimate, therefore, that this Stephen was born 20 plus 16 or approximately 36 years prior to 1790 or in 1754.  It would have been possible for William, born ca 1736, to be the father of Stephen but very doubtful.


There also is shown in the 1790 census one John Outman located at Sadsbury, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, having one son over 16 and seven other children.  As in the case of Stephen above, this John may have been a son of William but very doubtful.


We have information of one George Oatman who is said to have been born in 1776 somewhere near New York City who could have been a son of William.


In New Jersey records, we find that John Outman and William Outman witnessed the will of Samuel Johnson in Salem County on 19 July 1772.  If these men were required to be 21 years of age at the time of witnessing the will, the date of their birth would not be later than 1751, therefore very doubtful if they were sons of William.


In the "History of the Nance Family", published by G. W. Nance, it is stated that one Joseph Oatman, a ferryman on the Ohio River, had a son John, born 14 July 1787, who was the ancestor of the numerous Oatman families listed in that publication and who are located principally in the Middle and Western states.  We have had correspondence with many persons in these families and some of them believe themselves descended from Johannes Outman.  The proof of this is lacking, although Joseph, mentioned above, may have been a son of William and Phebe (Elmore) Oatman.  It is hoped by our continued investigation the point will be cleared up.  The weight of evidence so far obtained seems to indicate that this William died in early middle life and without leaving issue.


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