102      ELIAKIM5     (George4, George3, John2, Johannes1), son of George and Ann (Terrill) Oatman, was born probably at Arlington, Bennington County, Vermont, ca 1778.  His date of death is unknown, but the last record of him was in Montville, Medina County, Ohio, in 1839.  He married Lucy Stoddard, who was born 28 October 1781 in Pawlet, Vermont.  After Eliakim's death, she married 2) William Davis, in Montville, Medina County, Ohio, 21 September 1842. 



Children of Eliakim and Lucy (Stoddard) Oatman:


469      Julia Ann, b. May 1802, Middletown, VT; d. 13 Feb 1882, Auburn, NY; m. Pitts Hudson, 1818, Scipio, NY.  He was b. 7 Oct 1796, d. 17 Sep 1846, and was a farmer.  The Hudson family plot in Scipio, NY, has been obliterated.  It was on a farm owned in 1947 by a Mr. Wyatt.  Julia and Pitts Hudson were married in Scipio and lived there until he died.  After that, Julia lived with her daughter, Alice Searing, in Auburn, NY, and later with her daughter Achsah Harter in Auburn.  Children, surname Hudson:


A         Nelson, d. 1860;  m. ?  ; Children, surname Hudson:


  I         Alonzo, m. Sarah      ; lived Venice Center, NY


 II        Charles, m. Mary Martha      ; lived Fenton, MI


B         George Babcock, b. 13 Dec 1822; d. 19 Oct 1897; m. Pamelia Ann Whitfield, b. 1827, d. 1919.  Children, surname Hudson:


  I         Esther Annette, b. 17 Nov 1849, NY; m. _____ Webster


 II        George W., b. 19 Apr 1851, PA


III        Lyman Oatman, b. 20 Jan 1853, PA.  Children, surname Hudson:


a          Frances, m.       Reyer


 IV       Francis Post, b. 28 Oct 1854, NY


  V       Luther B., b. 28 Oct 1857; d. in infancy


 VI       Richard, b. 1858; d. in infancy


VII      Achsah, b. 1859; d. in infancy


     VIII Elsa, b. 17 May 1861, MN; m. ______ Cole


 IX       Lincoln, b. 1865


  X       Benjamin F. Buttler, b. 1866, MN


C         Simeon, m. Annie _____


D         Lewis P.


E          John V., m. Mary Jane _____


F          Lyman Oatman, m. Lizzie _____

G         Alice, b. 8 Jul 1832; d. 7 Mar 1904; m. Leonard H. Searing.  Children, surname Searing:


 I          Adolphus, b. 25 Aug 1855; d. 26 Mar 1907; he was a lawyer and one child, surname Searing:


a          Leonard H.


H         Achsah, m. 1) Jacob H. Harter (he d. 4 Sep 1883); 2) George L. Reynolds (he d. 1910).  Children, surname Harter:


 I          Mellie G., m. _____ Wells


II         Julia, m. Clifton Mallory


I           Richard N., m. Louise Cheney


J           Delilah J., b. 2 Nov 1837, Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY; m. Roland Crapo, who d. 1890


K         Aurelia, m. Jefferson Tripp.  Children, surname Tripp:


 I          (Dr.) Minnie Manchester, m. _____ Allison


L          Elisha P., m. Martha _____


M         Pitts O., m. Isabel _____


N         Twin, died in infancy


                        O         Twin, died in infancy


470      Myron, b. 29 Oct 1803, VT (per death certificate); d. 21 Feb 1873, Bay City, MI; m. Sarah _____ (b. probably 1802, NY)


471      Albert, b. 1804, VT (per 1850 census, Tompkins Co., NY); m. Caroline Dumond


472      Alice, b. 25 Mar 1805; d. 17 Aug 1874; bur. with her husband in LeRoy, Genesee Co., NY; m. Elisha Parks in Wells, Rutland Co., VT.  He was b. 23 Jul 1806; d. 27 Mar 1863.  Alice and Elisha Parks left Wells, VT, around 1830 and lived the rest of their lives in LeRoy, NY, where Elisha owned a dry goods store.  Both are buried in the old Myrtle Sound Cemetery there, as are Merritt, Frances and Richard Kellogg, and three of the grandchildren:  Walter, Mary Susan and Harry.  (These dates and those of their son Merritt were found in "Cooley's Abandoned Cemeteries in Genesee County".  The information on Frances A. Parks came from the book "Genesee County People" under the name Kellogg.)  Children, surname Parks:


A         (Daughter)


B         Merritt Franklin, b. 6 Mar 1834; d. 23 Sep 1856.  Unconfirmed information is that he died of yellow fever in the South; bur. LeRoy, NY.


C         Frances A., b. 16 Dec 1842; d. 19 Jan 1916; m. 20 Feb 1868, in LeRoy, Richard Kellogg (b. LeRoy, NY, 28 Dec 1842, d. May 1882).    Children, surname Kellogg:


  I         Charles Franklin, b. 8 May 1869


 II        Walter Parks, b. 3 Jul 1871; d. 6 Jan 1905


III        Mary Susan, b. 31 Dec 1872; d. 29 Aug 1892


 IV       Harry Smith, b. 23 Nov 1876; d. 20 Feb 1909


  V       Alice Hart, b. 15 Jul 1881; m. Leslie Barnette, 14 Oct 1909; lived in Buffalo, NY. 


473      Sylvia, b. 14 Apr 1808, Chester, (prob.) NY (the state is omitted on the death certificate); d. 9 Oct 1881, of consumption; bur. Wells, Rutland Co., VT; m. George Potter in Wells, VT.  He d. 20 Nov 1874, age 67 years.  Sylvia's birth in "Chester" and subsequent marriage in Wells, VT, bears out the theory that for a number of years Eliakim Oatman and his family were back and forth between Chester (now Chestertown), NY, and Middletown (Springs), VT.   Children, surname Potter: 


A         Delia M.


B         James, m. Ellen Gorham of Poultney, VT.  Children, surname Potter:


 I          Fred


C         Albert


D         Merritt


474      Ann Terrill, b. 4 Dec 1809; d. 16 Apr 1889; m. Isaac Worden Babcock, 1830, in Scipio, NY.  He was b. 2 Jul 1808, d. 30 Mar 1875, bur. Medina, OH.  The first three Babcock children were evidently b. in Scipio, NY; the rest were b. in Medina, OH, after Ann and Isaac moved there in 1836.  Children, surname Babcock:


A         Sylvia, b. 24 Jul 1831; d. 27 Jul 1842


B         Reliance, b. 13 Apr 1833; d. 17 Jun 1897; m. Hiram Bowman, 5 Apr 1859, Medina, OH.  He was b. 20 Mar 1833, VA; d. 14 Aug 1902, Lorain, OH.  Children, surname Bowman: 


  I         Seward L., b. 8 Apr 1860, Medina, OH; d. 10 Mar 1909; m. Mary Duncan (niece of President McKinley).  Had a daughter.


 II        Lillian, b. 30 Sep 1861, Youngstown, OH; d. 7 Jun 1866


III        Mae, b. 13 May 1864; d. 21 Feb 1945; unmarried


 IV       Blake, b. 5 Aug 1866, New Bedford, PA; d. 8 May 1943; bur. Medina, OH; unmarried


  V       Chauncey A., b. 23 Dec 1868, Kent, OH; d. 2 Nov 1933.  He was Vice-President in charge of Cereal Sales for Quaker Oats Co., and was elected a director.  He served on the Board from 13 Mar 1931 until his death; m.  ?   and adopted two daughters.


 VI       Lawrence G., b. 2 Oct 1870, Lisbon, OH; d. 1933; m. Orilla _____, 8 Apr 1903.  Children, surname Bowman:


a          Corwin, b. 15 Jun 1904


C         George Washington Montgomery, b. 13 Mar 1835; d. presumably in service during Civil War.  No date or proof of death.


D         Cornelia Jane (Babcock), b. 16 Jun 1837; d. 1906; m. Charles Codding, a judge in Medina, OH.  No children.  Both bur. Medina, OH.


E          William (twin), b. 15 Sep 1839; d. 12 Apr 1892, Kansas City, MO; m. Frances M. _____


F          Worden (twin), b. 15 Sep 1839; d. 1914; m. Julia Turner.  Children, surname Babcock:


  I         Mabel, who m. and had four children.


G         Harriet, b. 27 Aug 1844, Medina, OH; d. 28 Dec 1920, Cuyahoga Falls, OH; m. William Henry Hickox, 18 Nov 1869, Medina, OH.  He b. 15 Mar 1842, Monroe Falls, OH, and died 29 Oct 1915, Barberton, OH.  Both are buried in Barberton.  Children, surname Hickox:


  I         Edith Fay, b. 22 Oct 1870; d. 23 May 1941; m. J. Bert Jackson, 5 Mar 1893.  No children.  Both bur. in Akron, OH.


 II        William Roy, b. 15 Aug 1872, Medina, OH; d. 1953, Barberton, OH; m. Josephine Blakeslee, 8 Jun 1898, Medina, OH; she b. 21 Nov 1876, d. 27 Jun 1953.  Children, surname Hickox:


a          Josephine Ruth, b. 9 Oct 1899; unm.; lived Barberton, OH


b          Edith Elizabeth, b. 14 Oct 1901; d. 7 Sep 1990; m. 6 Jun 1924, m. Preston Henry Helmick (he b. 3 Dec 1902, d. 13 Apr 1974).  Children, surname Helmick:


  I         William Preston, b. 7 Feb 1925; d. 11 Apr 1981.  Served in WWII.  He m. Helen Ann Weimer (b. 22 Apr 1936). 


 ii         Carol Joanne, b. 25 Dec 1926; m. Lawrence "Larry" Angst, 15 Feb 1947 (he b. 15 Jul 1923, served in WWII). 


c          Helen Virginia, b. 9 Mar 1905; m. 1) Merlin Bouscher (he d. 1937).  2) William R. Stanford; lived Wadsworth, OH.  Children, surname Bouscher:


  I         James Hickox, b. 5 Nov 1921, OH; served in WWII; m. 1) Pat _____; 2) Jean _____. 


d          Jean Lois (Hickox), b. 9 Dec 1912; d. 17 Oct 1986; m. Frederic Franklin Schmidt (he b. 6 Dec 1912). 


H         Cyrus Sawyer (Babcock), b. 1 Jun 1847; d. 5 Jul 1897; m. Helen F.        .


I           Alice, b. 4 Apr 1850; d. 10 Aug 1891; bur. Medina, OH; m. William Hobart, 1876.  Children, surname Hobart:


  I         Viola "Mayme", m. Burt Warner.  Children, surname Warner:


a          Virginia


 II        Anna, m. Delbert Rickard.  Two sons, surname Rickard.


475      Lyman, b. 8 Jan 1813, Rutland Co., VT; d. 9 Apr 1881, Medina, OH; m. Sallie Bean, 24 Apr 1837, Medina, OH.









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According to information compiled by Frances Reyer and Bernard Vail, who are descendants of Julia Ann Oatman Hudson, oldest child of Eliakim and Lucy (Stoddard) Oatman, Lucy Stoddard's genealogical background is as follows:


1          Robert Foote, m. Joane Brooke; resided Shalford, Surrey, England.  (Shalford is near Guildford, but is no longer on many maps.)  No dates.


2          Nathaniel Foote, son of Robert and Joane (Brooke) Foote, b. 1593; resided Watertown, MA, and Wethersfield, CT; d. 1644; m. ca 1615 to Elizabeth Deming (she was b. ca 1595, d. 1653).


3          Mary Foote, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Deming) Foote, b. ca 1623; d. after 1685; m. 1642 to John Stoddard.  He was b. ca 1620, England, and d. Dec 1664.  They resided in Wethersfield, CT.


4          John Stoddard, son of John and Mary (Foote) Stoddard, bap. 12 Apr 1646; d. 4 Dec 1703; resided Wethersfield, CT; m. 26 May 1674 to Elizabeth Curtis; she was b. 1649, d. 13 Nov 1691, Wallingford, CT. 


5          Jonathan Stoddard, son of John and Elizabeth (Curtis) Stoddard, b. ca 1684; d. either 31 Aug or 13 Mar 1757; m. in 1717 to Abigail Wickham, daughter of Col. Joseph & Sarah (Satterly) Wickham of Killingworth, CT, and Southold, Long Island, NY.  Sarah's father was Benedict Satterly who d. in New London, CT, ca 1689; her grandfather was the Rev. William Satterly, Vicar of St. Ide, Devonshire, England.  Col. Joseph Wickham was the son of Thomas and Sarah Wickham of Wethersfield, CT; Thomas was b. 1624, d. 1688/89. 


6          Zebulon Stoddard, son of Jonathan and Abigail (Wickham) Stoddard, bp. 3 Mar 1717/18; d. 19 Feb 1761; resided Wethersfield, CT; m. 21 Mar 1745, Abigail Hun.


7          Samuel Stoddard, son of Zebulon and Abigail (Hun) Stoddard, b. 5 Jan  1754, Wethersfield, CT; bap. 20 Jan 1754; d. ? ; resided at Canterbury and Salisbury, CT, and Middletown (Springs), VT; m. 11 Jan 1781 in CT to Millicent Carver; she was b. 11 Nov 1757, daughter of David & Susannah Carver of Canterbury, CT; David was b. 14 Sep 1713, d. 28 Mar 1793; they were m. Feb 1739.  Millicent's paternal grandparents were David & Hannah (Dyer) Carver of Weymouth, MA, and Canterbury, CT, both grandparents being descended from early 17th century colonial families who settled in MA.  The last record on Samuel was an application for a Revolutionary War pension in 1820.  He then was living in Chester (now Chestertown), Warren Co., NY.


8          Lucy Stoddard, daughter of Samuel and Millicent (Carver) Stoddard, who m. Eliakim Oatman.



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