1331    ALBIN/ALBION7     (Parker6Asahel5, Benjamin4, George3, John2, Johannes1), son of Parker and Nancy (Hicks) Oatman, was born near Tillsonburg, Oxford County, Ontario, 20 August 1841, and died 21 December 1928 in St. Clair County, Michigan.  He married:  1) Sarah Ann Jones, 9 June 1861 (b. ca 1844), in Greenwood Township, by Roswell Oatman, J.P., and witnessed by Reuben Oatman and Mr. Jones.  He married 2) Louisa, daughter of Preston and Huldah (Barden) Van Meer, who was born 11 September 1854 in Canada and died 3 September 1910 in Clyde, Michigan.


The family resided on a farm in Greenwood Township, St. Clair County, Michigan.


Although the date of birth and name shown above for Albin is 20 August 1841, given name ALBIN, records in the St. Clair County Clerk's office show his given name as "Alvin George" on both his own death certificate and that of his son's, Parker; contradictory to this, however, is the fact of much correspondence to him addressed as Albin Oatman, as well as the fact that he signed his name as Albin.  Also, records on his death show him to be 87 years, 4 months and 18 days at the time of death, which would make his date of birth 3 August 1841.  The inscription on his headstone in Spring Hill Cemetery shows his name as "Albion" and all land sale records show the same, so it is felt that his true name was Albion.


There is also some discrepancy in the spelling of Louisa Van Meer's name.  Her last name appears in numerous records as Van Meer as well as on her own death record.  She lived to be 55 years, 11 months and 22 days, which makes her date of birth 11 September 185.  Her headstone shows year of birth as 1851 and first name as LOWISA.



Children of Albin/Albion and 2) Louisa (Van Meer) Oatman, b. St. Clair Co., MI:


3106    Ida, b. 6 Feb 1874; d. 17 Jan 1945; m. George Ulrich, 30 Aug 1893.  He was b. 1867, d. 1946.  Children, surname Ulrich:


A         Leo


B         Ada, m. 1) Vaughn English; 2) Elmer Tighon


3107    Frederick, b. 17 Mar 1876; d. 26 Jun 1929; m. Edith Ulrich


3108    Parker, b. 23 May 1881; d. 10 Nov 1943, Port Huron, MI; m. Frances      .  Div., no children.  He worked at the Buick Stamping Plant ca 1911 and later moved back to his father's farm in Greenwood Township and was a printer.


3109    Guy George, b. 18 Dec 1893; d. 10 Jul 1970; m. 1) Jean Fusee;  2) Laura "Dottie" Neiderhauser


Sources:           Marjorie Schumacher, Avoca, MI, granddau. of Guy George and Jean Fusee

Gravestones, Spring Hill Cemetery, Fargo, MI

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