1366   ANGUS7 (Darius6, Darius5, Benjamin4, George3, John2, Johannes1), son of Darius and Sally (McCollow) Oatman, was born 1 May 1864 in Ontario, and died in 1944.


He married Alfretta Carle, the third daughter of J. S. Carle, on 30 December 1885, at Tillsonburg, Oxford County, Ontario.  Alfretta was born 21 February 1866 in Ontario and died in 1942.  Angus was a farmer and the family was of the Methodist faith.  Both are buried in the New Road Cemetery, Tillsonburg, Ontario.


Children of Angus and Alfretta (Carle) Oatman (birth order unknown):


3210    Leticia "Lettie", b. 8 Jul 1889, South Norwich, Oxford Co., ON; d. 1950; m. 1) Robert A. Smart, 27 Jan 1909, Tillsonburg, Oxford Co., ON; 2) James Benjamin Smith.  Lettie’s marriage to Robert Smart (Tillsonburg Observer, 28 Jan 1909:



                        A very pretty wedding was solemnized at the home of Mr. Angus Oatman on Jan. 27th, when his eldest daughter, Lettie, was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Mr. Robert A. Smart of Tillsonburg, by the Rev. D. C. Defoe, D.B.L., of Springford.  The ceremony took place at one o’clock in the presence of about fifty guests, and after a sumptuous repast, the happy couple left by M.C.R. for Niagara Falls and points east.  The bride looked charming in a gown of cream lustre and was unattended.  Her travelling suit was of dark green serge with hat to match.  The numerous costly presents testify to the popularity of both bride and groom.  On their return Mr. and Mrs. Smart will take up residence in Tillsonburg.”


Lettie’s children from her first marriage were taken from the home by Children’s Aid.  Children, surname Smart:


                        A         Irene Florence, m. James McCormick


                        B         Arthur “Art,” raised in a foster home.  He worked as a carpenter for the Board of Education in London, ON.  With his wife deceased, in 1999 he was living in a nursing home in Alberta, where he has a daughter and her family nearby.


                        C         Carl, adopted by a family named Carson.


3211    Daisy, b. 22 Sep 1890, South Norwich, Oxford Co., ON; d. 1957; bur. Tillsonburg Cem., Tillsonburg, ON; m. William J. Young, 2 Dec 1914, at Tillsonburg.  He was b. 1887, d. 1952, bur. Tillsonburg Cem. with Daisy.


3212    Jessie, b. 22 Mar 1893, ON


3214    Frank, b. 21 May 1895, South Norwich, Oxford Co., ON.  A news article states that Pte. Frank Oatman married Miss Edna Benner, dau. of W. Benner of Aylmer, 17 Jul 1918.  


3215    Fred, b. 6 Jul 1899, S. Norwich, Oxford Co., ON; m. Rachel Ketchabau, b. 2 Aug 1904, Bayham Twp.  Children, surname Oatman:


A         Lyle Stanley, b. 10 Jan 1924, Bayham Twp., ON


B         Shirley Elaine, b. 13 May 1926, S. Norwich, ON

3216    Chelsey “Tyne,” m. Gordon Hannent, May 1931


3217    Cecile, b. 1904; (stone at) Springford Cem., Springford, Oxford Co., ON; m. Malcolm Palmer (b. 1901; bur. Springford Cem).


3218    Hazel, m. 1) _____ Book; 2) _____ Bolton


3219    Donald Albert, (see comments below) b. 13 Aug 1921, New Road, Oxford Co., ON; m. Kathleen Ethel Wood, 14 Feb 1947.  Kathleen was b. 10 Oct 1926.  


3220    Blanche, b. Oct 1886; d. Jul/Aug 1888, age 1 yr. 10 mo.; bur. New Road Cemetery,  Tillsonburg, Oxford Co., ON


Comments from Daniel Oatman, April, 2013:


Please note that my Dad, Donald Albert is not a son of Angus and Alfretta. They are his grandparents. He was raised with the family but always referred to them as grandparents and the rest of Angus and Alfretta's children as his aunts and uncles. I always remember them being introduced as my Dad's aunts and uncles. We as a family referred to them as aunts and uncles.


I could never locate a birth record after searching newspapers, school records, hospital records, church records etc for my dad. The information that he was given for his parents could never be verified in any way. Who his parents were, is at this point indeterminate. Some newspaper articles from the 1940,s listed him as a son but I suspect that this was because he had lived with the family all his life.


In my family history, I have listed his parents as unknown with links to Angus and Alfretta's family. I keep searching and hope that something might surface in the future but I do not hold a lot of hope.


It does raise questions for which there are no answers either eg was there a birth out of wedlock and this gave some legitimacy to the event.


Subsequently, Daniel Oatman reported in June, 2023:


The 1931 census confirms my dad, Donald Albert Oatman as a Grandson of Angus & Alfretta Oatman

Also, Fred, Lyle and Shirley are listed with the household, with Lyle and Shirley being grandchildren as well. My dad talked of his cousins, Lyle and Shirley, so that fits.


To the reader, if you ever come across any additional information that would be helpful, I would like to hear from you.


Daniel Oatman






Family records
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Doris Oatman, Tillsonburg, ON
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Kathleen Oatman, Tillsonburg, ON

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Daniel Donald Oatman danoatman@gmail.com


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