Will of Johannes Outman

In the name of God, Amen. I, John Outman, of New York, merchant, being in good health. I leave to my daughter Anne, wife of BenjaminD'Harriette, of New York, merchant, 25 Pounds. I leave to my two sons-in-law, Benjamin D'Harriette and John Smith, all my houses, lands, and lots in New York, for the term of 99 years, after my decease, if my wife Femma shall live so long. In trust, that they shall suffer my wife to enjoy all the rights and benefits of the same. After my wife's decease, I leae to my son, John Outman, all that dwelling house where I now live, and the lot of ground wheron it stands, except 18 feet in length, and the breadth of my house on the dock for a yord for my house on the dock.

I give to my grand son Benjamin D'Harriette, and my grand daughter, Anne D'Harriette, after my wife's decease, all that my garden and lot of ground lying in gold Street.

I leave to my daughter, Judith, wife of John Smith, all that my dwelling-house situate and standing on the dock, behind the dwelling-house where I now live, and also 18 feet in the rear for a yard.

I leave all my personal estate to my wife Femma. I make my sons-in-law executors.

(signed) John Outman

January 8, 1714


Richard Willetts
David Lyell
Mary Bickley

Proven 20 March 1716

* * * * * * * * * * * * *





In the name of God.  Amen. 

I, Phebe Outman, widow, being sick

I leave my daughter Annie, wife of Benjamin d'Harriette, Merchant, and my daughter Judith, wife of Samuel Vincent, Mariner, all my household goods, furniture, plate and jewels and clothes. 

I leave my son John Outman and his two sisters all my shop goods, merchandize, money and credits.

I make my son in law Benjamin d'Harriette and my good friend Gaulthauser Duboise, of this City, Clerk, my Executors.


                                                            (Signed)          Phebe Outman

Dated 27 March 1732

Proven 18 April 1732


Witnesses:       Anna Johnson

                        Marteinus Cregior

                        Richard Nichols






Phebe is a name evidently adopted by Femmetje in her later years; however, Judith, in memorandum previously quoted, calls her Femma.  Phebe is not the English word for Femmetje.


The dwelling house described in the foregoing Will of Johannes was located at what is now 72 Pearl Street (one source states "76 Pearl Street").  It passed on to John Outman of Stratford, Connecticut, upon the death of Femmetje Outman and was sold by John to John Van Horn and by the latter to John Le Montes, by him to James McEvers.  The lot on Gold Street is on the west side, about 100 feet north of John Street.


The "house on the dock" is in the rear of what is now 42 Water Street.  Judith Smith, later Judith Vincent, sold the house and lot to William McKinley in 1771.


Originally, Pearl Street was Manhattan's shoreline on the East River.  Landfill poured into the river pushed the shoreline out to Water Street and provided the sites for the Dutch row houses.  Since then, other landfill has added Water, Front and South Streets.


According to New York Landmarks Preservation Commission, there is now a school located at 68 Pearl Street.  A portion of the block (the northeastern two-thirds) on which Johannes lived and conducted business was excavated in 1981.  But the portion on which he was located was not "dug". 



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