217      WILLIAM, JR.6     (William, Sr.5, Daniel4, George3, John2, Johannes1), son of William, Sr., and Elizabeth (Cantrell) Oatman, was born probably at Arlington, Bennington County, Vermont, 5 April 1808, and died at Richland Township, Michigan, 20 June 1883 at the age of 75.  He married on 8 June 1842 Esther, daughter of Daniel and Esther (Noble) Bates of Pownal, Vermont; she was born 10 September 1816 and died in Richland Township, Michigan, 18 November 1903 at age  87.  (Lineage of Esther6 Bates:  Daniel5, Francis4, Francis3, Francis2, Francis1)


In the year 1853 the family removed to Richland Township, Michigan, and acquired what is known as the "Oatman Farm" which was held in the family until recent years.  Upon removal to Michigan, the family lived at first in a log cabin on the shore of Oatman Lake.  In 1860, a frame house was constructed in its present location and forms a part of the present farmhouse.


In 1900 Esther, a widow 83 years of age, was living with her son Albert and two of his children -- Myra and William.


Children of William, Jr., and Esther (Bates) Oatman, born Bennington Co., VT:


910      Albert Daniel, b. 16 Mar 1844; d. 3 Jun 1924; m. Loesa Babcock


911      Sophia Jane, b. 12 May 1847; d. 3 Aug 1919; m. James Travis.  Children, surname Travis:


A         Harry Albert, b. 22 Oct 1878; m. 1) Mable Shaw.  Children, surname Travis:


  I         Viola Mae, b. 11 Jul 1902; m. 1) ? ; 2) John Witters.  Children, surname Witters:


a          Robert


b          Geraldine Mae, b. 7 Jun 1935


 II        James David, b. 3 Nov 1904


III        Daniel Freeman, b. 15 Apr 1909


Harry m. 2) Myrtle Exner, 12 Nov 1909.  Children, surname Travis:


 IV       Frederick George, b. 16 Feb 1917


  V       Harry Exner, b. 5 Jun 1918


B         Mae P., b. 25 Mar 1881; m. 11 Nov 1907, Frederick J. Exner; no ch.


C         Emma Esther, b. 23 Feb 1883; m. 15 Jun 1908, James Miller.  No ch.


D         Dora Jane, b. 2 Oct 1890; m. Ralph Beebe, 1917.  Children, surname Beebe:


  I         Jane E., b. 6 Jul 1919


 II        Ralph Travis, b. 15 May 1926





Sources:           1850 census, Arlington, Bennington Co., VT

1860 census, Richland Township, Kalamazoo Co., MI

Family records





The cost of constructing a house in 1860




            This contract was made this 26th day of April, 1860, by and between Charles Buck of Richland, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, of the first part, and William Oatman of the same place, of the second part, WITNESSETH:


            That Charles Buck agrees to construct, build and finish for the same said Oatman, a dwelling house at such place as said Oatman shall designate on the farm of said Oatman, in such Township.  The said house shall be sixteen by twenty-four feet on the ground; fourteen feet from sill to plate; baloon frame, to be sheathed up on the outside with pine lumber and covered with pine siding; roof to be ten inches over quarter pitch covered with pine shingles; with ten windows, two in each end above, the remainder below; house and a half high, two outside doors on the side of the building, one partition between the bedrooms and pantry, one pantry door, one door in stairway, one cellar door, floor above and below to be of pine.


            The above divided into three rooms and clothes press with doors in each; all partitions to be lathed overhead, below and above ready for plastering; the whole to be constructed of good pine lumber and the work done in a workman like manner, finished ready for the mason work in every particular whatsoever without any extra charges so that said house shall be fully completed from ground to garrett with proper staircases and every other thing necessary to make the same a good and perfect dwelling house except the mason work, by the first of October next after the date hereof, for the price and sum of one hundred and forty-five dollars.


            The said Buck to furnish all lumber and materials of every kind for the construction and finishing of the said dwelling house in manner aforesaid. 


            In connection with which, the said William Oatman agrees that he will pay the said Buck therefor the sum of one hundred forty-five dollars as aforesaid in manner following, that is to say forty dollars in thirty days from date hereof for the purchase of lumber for said building, thirty dollars by the first of September for the purchase of nails and other materials and the remaining half in one year from the first day of October next, providing the said building shall be completed according to the time and manner herein before stipulated; and it is further agreed between the said parties, that the said Buck paint the said dwelling house upon the outside within the time named for the construction of the house; the said Oatman shall furnish the materials for painting the same, to be painted, however, but one coat. 


            In witness whereof we have set our hands the day and year first written above.


                                                                        CHARLES BUCK

                                                                        WILLIAM OATMAN




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