380      LUTHER6     (Darius5Benjamin4, George3, John2, Johannes1), son of Darius and Jerushia Oatman, was born near Springford, South Norwich Township, Oxford County, Ontario, ca 1833, and died 15 October 1916.  He married, 16 January 1864, in Middleton, Ontario, Phoebe Emmeline Moore, born 1844 and died 1930.  Phoebe is buried in Tillsonburg Cemetery, while Luther was interred at the Springford Cemetery.


Luther was a farmer and a barber.  Phoebe was one of the first teachers in Cornell School, S.C. #9, the first school in the vicinity of Cornell, Oxford County, Ontario.


The Tillsonburg Observer, dated 19 October 1916, carried this obituary for Luther:


"Mr. Luther Oatman, an aged resident of Springford, died very suddenly on Sunday.  Neighbors had seen him around in the morning and chancing to go to his home in the afternoon, found his lifeless body on the floor.  He was in his eighty-fourth year.  Deceased leaves two sons, Mr. Lyman Oatman, of this town and Mr. Jos. Oatman of Middleton, and one daughter, Mrs. L. Wardle of Dereham. 


The Body was brought to the undertaking parlors of Mr. A. L. Oatman, and the funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon from the home of the deceased's son, Mr. Lyman Oatman, to Spring-ford Cemetery."


Phoebe is not mentioned in the obituary, although she survived him by about 12 years, and they are not buried together.  Luther was listed as married but was living alone in 1901, while Phoebe at that time was living with her son Llewelyn, who was unmarried.   


Children of Luther and Phoebe (Moore) Oatman:


1394    Lida, b. 1868; d. 1954; bur. with her husband and son Wilbert in Tillsonburg Cemetery, Tillsonburg, Oxford Co., ON; m. Lewis S. Wardle, b. 1868, d. 1937.  Children, surname Wardle:


A         Wilbert L., b. 1899; d. 1966


Plus two other children.


1395    Lillie May, b. ca May 1870; m. Thomas W. Barnard, 18 Nov 1891, Tillsonburg.  He was from Brandon, Manitoba.  Lillie may have died before 1916 as she is not mentioned in her father's obituary.  She and Thomas had two sons, surname Wardle.


1396    Lyman, b. 30 Jan 1871, S. Norwich, Oxford Co., ON; d.15 Mar 1954, Tillsonburg, ON; bur. Tillsonburg Cem., Tillsonburg, Oxford Co., ON; m. 1) Eliza Ann “Annie” Cole, 8 Jan 1893, Tillsonburg, ON.  Annie was b. 16 Feb 1873, S. Norwich, ON, d. 18 Mar 1924 at Tillsonburg, ON, and bur. Tillsonburg Cem.  Children of Lyman and Eliza Ann (Cole), surname Oatman:


A         Lillie May, b. 11 Jul 1893, Tillsonburg, ON; d. 8 Mar 1964 at Tillsonburg, ON; buried Evergreen Cem., Lynedoch, Norfolk Co., ON; m. Charles William “Chub” Slaght, 11 Mar 1914 at Tillsonburg.  He was b. 11 Feb 1889 at Wyecombe, Norfolk Co., ON; d. 20 Jul 1957 at N. Walsingham, Norfolk Co., ON; bur. with his wife at Evergreen Cem.  Children, surname Slaght:

                                      I         Penelope Grace (Slaght), b. 7 Feb 1915, Atherton, Norfolk Co., ON; d. 3 Oct 1991, Simcoe, Norfolk Co., ON; bur. Mount Pleasant Cem., Walsingham, Norfolk Co., ON; m. Wilfred Alexander Terry, 5 Jan 1935 at Lynedoch, Norfolk Co., ON.  He was b. 29 Feb 1912 at N. Walsingham Twp., d. 12 Nov 1998 at Simcoe, ON, and is bur. with his wife.  Children, surname Terry:


                                                a          Ellen Marie [living], m. Stuart Leland Nicks, who was b. 15 Jul 1930 at Simcoe, Norfolk Co., ON, d. 11 Oct 1990 at Bloomsburg, Norfolk Co., ON, and bur. Evergreen Cem., Lynedoch, Norfolk Co., ON.  Children, surname Nicks:


                                                              i         Kenneth Herbert


                                                             ii         Charles Stuart


                                                            iii         Terry Francis


                                                             iv        Robert Wilfred


                                                b          John William Terry, b. 14 May 1936 and d. 3 July 1936, at N. Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co., ON.


                                                c          Marjorie Isobel [living], m. Patrick Terrance Sullivan [living].  Children, surname Sullivan:


                                                              i         Nora Margaret


                                                             ii         Grace


                                                            iii         Mary Elizabeth


                                                             iv        Patricia “Patti”


                                                d          Charles William [living], m. Carol Anne Duke [living].  Children, surname Terry:


                                                              i         Bevan John


                                                             ii         Rebecca Jane Anne


                                                e          Robert Wilfred [living], m. Audrey Bernice (Leggett) LeBlanc [living].  Children, surname Terry:


                                                              i         Lynn Nicole


                                                f           Lucinda Jane Anne “Judy” [living], m. Walter deKorte [living].  Children, surname deKorte:


                                                              i         Peter Geoffrey


                                                             ii         Emily


                                     II        Melva Irene [living], m. Arthur Ross Sangster, b. 30 Dec 1913, Dereham Twp., Oxford Co., ON, d. 4 Mar 2003, Woodstock, Oxford Co., ON; b. Delmer Cem., Oxford Co., ON.  Children, surname Sangster:


                                                a          Dorothy Jean [living] m. John “Jack” Popham [living].  Children, surname Popham:


                                                              i         Constance Jean


                                                             ii         John Charles


                                                            iii         Coralee


                                                b          Charles Lyman “Chub” (Sangster) [living], m. Ann Bartlett [living].  Children, surname Sangster:


                                                              i         Laural Anne


                                                             ii         Shayni


                                                c          Donald Ross [living], m. 1) Jean Bunston [living], m. 2) Kim Simmonds [living].  Children, surname Sangster:


                                                              i         Michael (from marriage #1)


                                                             ii         Richard Allan (from marriage #2)


                                    III        John Oatman “Jack” (Slaght), b. 11 Nov 1926, N. Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co., ON; d. 13 Apr 1996, Jericho, Norfolk Co., ON; bur. Knowles/Carholme Cem., N. Walsingham Twp.; m. Catherina Alena “Rene” Riemens, who was b. 22 Mar 1927 at Charing Cross, ON, d. 8 Jul 2006 at Tillsonburg, ON, and bur. with her husband.  Children, surname Slaght:


                                                a          Lillie Jeannette, b. 17 Apr 1947 and d. 14 May 1985, both at Tillsonburg, ON; bur. Knowles/Carholme Cem., N. Walsingham Twp., ON; m. David Knight [living].


                                                b          Joanne [living]


                                                c          Penelope Jean “Pennie” [living]


B         Mabel (Oatman), b. 19 May 1895, Tillsonburg, ON; d. 31 Oct 1965 in Toronto, ON; bur. Tillsonburg Cem., Tillsonburg, Oxford Co., ON; m. John W. “Jack” Owen, 11 Nov 1920, Tillsonburg, ON.  He was b. 1898 in ENG, d. 1967 in Toronto; bur. with Mabel at Tillsonburg Cem.


C         Grace, b. 27 Sep 1896, Tillsonburg, ON; d. 15 Feb 1914, Tillsonburg, ON; bur. Tillsonburg Cem.


                        D         Dwight Alexander Lyman, b. 18 May 1901, Tillsonburg, ON; d. 24 May 1901, Tillsonburg, ON; bur. Tillsonburg Cem.


E          Doris Minerva, b. 1 May 1911, Tillsonburg, ON; d. 22 Jun 1988 at London, Middlesex Co., ON; bur. Woodland Cem., London, ON; m. 1) Harold (Gauk) Rodger, 9 Nov 1927, Ingersoll, Oxford Co., ON; m. 2) Charles Brown, b. 1908, d. 1990.  Children, surname Rodger:


                                      I         Phyllis [living], m. Dr. Donald Forester Duffin [living].


                                     II        Robert Gauk [living], m. Marion Adelaide Davies [living].


F          Gladys Marie, b. 20 Aug 1915, Tillsonburg, ON; d. 2 Sep 1915 in Tillsonburg, ON; bur. Tillsonburg Cem., Tillsonburg, ON.


Lyman m. 2) Eva (Graham) Cooper.  Eva had several children from her first marriage; in addition she and Lyman had a daughter:


G         Mary Ellen, m. Russell Mabee, d. 1986


1397    Lewellyn Joseph "Joe", b. ca 1873, Oxford Co., ON; d. 1956; bur. Tillsonburg Cem., Tillsonburg, Oxford Co., ON; m. Mary C. "Minnie" Girvin (also seen as "Cervin;” vital records of Oxford Co., ON, list her as “Gauein”).  Minnie was b. 1886, d. 1971, bur. Tillsonburg Cem.  There were evidently a family estrangement as Joe was not listed as a surviving child of Luther's, even though he outlived his father by 40 years.  In 1901 he was in S. Norwich Twp., unmarried, with his mother, Phoebe.  Children, surname Oatman:


A         Lillian, b. 1916; m. Kenneth Lloyd White, 12 July 1941 in South Norwich Township (Ken b. 1912). Lillian is mentioned in South of Sodom as a teacher at New Road School, S.S.#10, in 1943. 50th wedding anniversary picture.


B         Bessie, b. 15 Nov 1918, S. Norwich, Oxford Co., ON; m. Cornelius Hamilton “Dick” Kennedy, 8 Jul 1937, Tillsonburg, ON


C         Madeline, m. Ward Sulston


D         Donald Llewellyn, m. 17 Dec 1946, Otterville, ON, Margaret Ruth Langrell (b. ca 1925, Tillsonburg, ON, to John and Ethel (Swanton) Langrell; d. 25 Jun 1995, London, ON; bur. Tillsonburg Cem.).  Children, surname Oatman:


  I         Joseph, b. 1947; m. Lois Pearce, dau. of Harold Wilfred and Catherine (Broad) Pearce.  Children, surname Oatman:


a          Shane


b          Kathy


c          Ryan


 II        Linda, b. 1952; m. Aug 1972, London, ON, Douglas Ira  Pearce (he b. 1950).  Liv. Columbia, SC, 1981.  Children, surname Pearce:


a          Craig Ira, b. 1976


b          Kyle Andrew, b. 1978


III        Larry M., b. 1949; d. 4 Jul 1981, Tillsonburg, ON; bur. Tillsonburg Cem.; m. Mary Jacqueline, daughter of Fred P. and Pat (Granger) Emmons.  Children, surname Oatman:


a          Carrie Ann


b          Krystal Lynn





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