475      LYMAN6     (Eliakim5George4, George3, John2, Johannes1), son of Eliakim and Lucy (Stoddard) Oatman, was born 8 January 1813 in Rutland County, Vermont,  and died 9 April 1881 in Medina, Ohio.  He married Sallie Bean 24 April 1837 in Medina; she was born 5 July 1822 in Strafford, Orange County, Vermont, and died 20 February 1905 in Medina, Ohio.  Lyman and Sallie are buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Medina, Ohio.


Sallie Bean's father Ira Bean left Strafford, Vermont, with his wife Betsey (Richardson) Bean and their children in 1829 and settled in Abbeyville, Medina County, Ohio.  Around 1835 the Beans settled in Medina Township.  Lyman, who had grown up in New York State, settled in Montville, Ohio, around 1835, and a few years later in Medina Township.


So far it has been impossible to trace Sallie Bean's ancestry very far.  Her grandfather, Chandler Bean (Ira's father), was obviously a member of the Bean family that was founded by one John Bean in Exeter, New Hampshire, around 1660.  John was from Scotland, and legend has it that his Scottish wife died on the ship to America, whereupon he married an Irish girl whom he met on the crossing.  Her name is unknown.  They ultimately had seven sons and two daughters, all of them settling in the vicinity of Exeter.  A huge genealogical book on John's descendants has been compiled by a man named Bernie Bean, the title of the book being, "The Life & Family of John Bean of Exeter & His Cousins", published in 1970.  Chandler Bean is included in the book, although neither Bernie Bean nor anyone else has been able to discover the identity of Chandler's parents.  However, he lived in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, not too far from Exeter, and there were no other Bean families in the vicinity.


Chandler was born 9 September 1771 in New Hampshire (no town listed in the New Hampshire vital records), and married Polly Johnson in Epping, New Hampshire, on 2 September 1798; Polly was born 24 February 1777 at Epping.  They had three children while living at Gilmanton:  Ira (Sallie's father), born 14 April 1800; Elmira, born 9 October 1802; and Polly, born 8 January 1805.  Nothing is known about Elmira except the fact of her birth.  Nothing was known about Ira except his birth date until Barbara Hawthorne contacted Bernie Bean.  Much is known about Polly who has living descendants, one of whom corresponds with Barbara.


Chandler left Gilmanton around 1819 and for one year owned property in Vershire, Vermont.  After that he disappeared from the records.  Ira, however, met and married a girl from Vershire, Betsey Richardson.  She had been born there on 29 December 1800, and was the third child of John and Lidia (Foster) "Ritchardson".  Ira and Betsey were married in Strafford (the town next to Vershire) in July of 1821.


Sallie Bean had brothers and sisters in Medina:  Charles who was born around 1823 and who had descendants around Medina until well into the 20th century (their genealogy was compiled by Marcella Fisher); Robert, about whom nothing is known; Matilda, who married Elijah Gile in Medina on 4 March 1848 as his third wife; and Jerome, who was a doctor in Medina in the 1870's.


Children of Lyman and Sallie (Bean) Oatman:


1528    Orlin, b. 1839, Montville, OH; d. 17 Mar 1915, Medina, Medina Co., OH; m. Emily Lemon, 19 Jul 1856


1529    Simeon, b. 11 Dec 1842, Montville, OH; d. 19 Dec 1929, Medina, Medina Co., OH; m. Mary Floretta "Flora" Lemon, 5 Aug 1868

1530    Aurilla, b. 27 Aug 1843, Medina, Medina Co., OH; d. 10 May 1910; m. Frank Bowman, 18 Oct 1865, Medina, Medina Co., OH.  Frank was b. 3 Jun 1837 and d. 21 Mar 1901.  After Aurilla and Frank were married, they lived in Lodi, OH.  Frank's parents and grandparents were written up in the Baskin & Bettey History of Medina County and Ohio, an article found recently.  According to the article, Frank was apparently born in either Youngstown or Garrettsville, OH.  It is not yet known where Aurilla is buried; Frank is buried in Medina, OH.   Children, surname Bowman:


A         Nellie, b. 1869; d. 1954; m. Franklin Howard Lemmon.  He was b. in 1861 and d. 25 Oct 1924.  After marriage, they lived in West Salem, OH, where Frank was a clothier.  Their first two children were twin boys who died either at birth or soon thereafter.  Frank and Nellie are buried in West Salem.  Children, surname Lemmon:


  I         Eleanor, b. 26 Aug 1895; d. 20 Apr 1980; m. Robert Henry Martin; he b. 1889, d. 1941; she began career as a nurse at age 50; they lived in Vermilion, OH; both are buried in West Salem, Wayne Co., OH. 


 II        Harriette (Lemmon), b. 29 Apr 1900; d. Sep 1975; m. Hanford Garver; he b. 1899, d. 1969.  She was a teacher most of her life.  Both buried in West Salem, OH


1531    Adelia Loretta, b. 29 May 1845, Medina, OH; d. 2 Feb 1935; m. Franklin Mark Burdoin, 9 May 1868, Medina, OH.  He b. 4 Jul 1841 and d. 8 Dec 1900 in Medina, OH.  Adelia and Frank grew up in Medina and continued to live there after their marriage.  After Franklin's death, Adelia left Medina to live with her children and grandchildren, but she is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Medina with Franklin.  Children, surname Burdoin:


A         Alfred, b. 8 Apr 1873, Medina, OH; d. 17 Mar 1946; m. Juliet Howson, b. 21 Feb 1873, Brantford, ON, CN, d. 5 Dec 1963.  He was a sales manager for Lowe Brothers Paints, Dayton, OH.  Both are buried in Spring Grove Cem., Medina, OH.  Children, surname Burdoin:


  I         Allen Jeffers, b. 23 May 1906; m. Bessie Valentine, she b. 22 Mar 1906.  He an engineer, Metcalf & Eddy, Boston, MA; retired. 


 II        Eleda (Burdoin), b. 23 Jul 1908; d. 14 May 1994, Bradenton, FL; m. Judge Ovila Joseph Gregoire, he b. 4 Nov 1901, d. 17 Mar 1981.  Lived in Dover, NH. 


B         Ethel Sally (Burdoin), b. 6 Dec 1876, Medina, OH; d. 10 Jun 1955; m. Harwood Marsh Jones, 16 Sep 1910, Medina, OH, b. 23 Jun 1889, Oak Park, IL; d. 13 Dec 1955.  Ethel (pronounced with a long E) was a teacher of English and Latin, also a high school principal; Harwood was Superintendent of Mills Central Iron & Steel Co., Harrisburg, PA.  Both buried in Rolling Green Cemetery, Lemoyne, PA.  Children, surname Jones:


  I         Patricia May, b. 21 Jul 1913, Saskatoon, SK; she m. Donald Madison Benjamin, b. 12 Jun 1908; divorced; she a college guidance counselor, retired, Orange County Community College, Middletown, NY.  She living Middletown, 1981


 II        William Burdoin (Jones), b. 30 Jan 1918, Bessemer, AL; m. Nellie Potter (b. 13 Mar 1920).  He production manager for Valk Snow Plows, Carlisle, PA.  Living Marysville, PA, 1981


1532    Albert, b. 2 Jul 1848, Medina, OH; d. 29 Jul 1865, Nashville, TN; bur. in Nashville, TN.  Albert grew up in Medina.  In February 1865 he joined the Ohio Volunteer Infantry and died of typhoid fever the following July while still in the army.  Unmarried. 


1533    Lyman, Jr., b. 17 Sep 1852, Medina, OH; d. 20 Feb 1913, Medina, OH; m. Alice S. Robinson, 22 Oct 1873, Medina Co., OH


1534    Edwin C., b. 6 Aug 1857, Medina, OH; d. 6 Sep 1925, Butte, MT.  Edwin grew up in Medina, then went to Berea, OH, with his brother Simeon who was in the meat business.  Edwin worked for him briefly, then headed west.  In 1894 he was living in Kansas.  In 1920 his Medina family heard from him for the first time in around 25 years.  He was then in the County Hospital in Butte, MT.  It is not known if he was ever married.


1535    Nora, b. 26 Dec 1860, Medina, OH; d. 20 Feb 1915, Medina, OH; m. Frank Heath, 16 May 1880, Medina, OH.  Frank was b. 5 Oct 1852, d. 21 Nov 1931.  He married, after Nora's death in 1915, to Myrta Henry, ca 1919.  Nora grew up in Medina.  After she married Frank, the two of them and their two children lived in the Oatman house with Nora's mother, Sallie Oatman.  After Sallie died in 1905, they built their own home at 115 Broadway in Medina and lived there until Nora's death in 1915.  Frank was a lawyer in Medina.  His real name was Franklin Pierce Heath, but he dropped the Franklin Pierce because he viewed the politics of President Pierce with disfavor, as Pierce was a Democrat.  Both Nora and Frank are buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Medina. 


Frank's parents, Richard and Ann (Richards) Heath, may have come to Medina County from Pennsylvania.  Richard was a farmer.  After Frank was born they had one other child:  Eva Heath, b. 1853/54, who m. 1) David Rickert, who was killed in a fall from a roof; 2) Abe Rickert (Dave's brother).  She had two children from her marriage to Dave:  1) Dick Rickert, who moved to Washington State; 2) Nellie Rickert, born retarded and died young.  From her second marriage to Abe Rickert was born 3) Rena Rickert, who m.       Thomas and had a child Donald Thomas. 


Richard Heath had brothers Joe (and probably James), and a sister named Lydia who married       Moore.  Lydia had a daughter named Della.  Richard and Joe both owned farms in Medina. 


Children, surname Heath:


A         Lillian, b. 6 Dec 1887, Medina, OH; d. 19 Apr 1984, Denver, CO; m. Claude Arthur Kindig, 24 Sep 1913, Canton, OH; he b. 27 Mar 1882, Oberlin, KS; d. 17 Jan 1946, Denver, CO; buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver, as is Lillian.  He was employed by the railroad as a conductor.  Children, surname Kindig:


  I         Richard, b. 13 Feb 1916, Denver, CO.  Unmarried.


 II        Eugene, b. 2 Feb 1918, Denver, CO; m. 2 Jul 1953 in Seattle, WA, to Maita Mayo Walter (birth name Lucille), b. 11 May 1916.  Living in Honolulu, HI, 1981. 


III        Norma Louise, b. 14 Dec 1924, Denver, OH; m. Bert Holder, 8 Jun 1947, Denver; he b. 5 Nov 1922, Big Timber, MT; a chemist at Lawrence Livermore Lab, Livermore, CA, now retired and living in Pleasanton, CA, 1981


B         Harry Kline, b. 12 Mar 1892, Medina, OH; d. 17 Feb 1968; m. Caroline Simmons, 26 Sep 1915 (she b. 31 Jan 1893 near Medina; d. 19 Dec 1978, in Columbus, OH, at home of niece, Mrs. Richard (Suzanne) Gouch.  (Note:  The Social Security Death Index gives Harry's birth date as 5 Jan 1892, and his death date as Jun 1966 in Denver.)  Children, surname Heath:


  I         James, b. 1916/17, d. 1959 (at age 42); m. Jane Ewing







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