5902    EDWARD COLE9     (Archie 8, Warren7George6, Oscar5, Benjamin4, George3, John2, Johannes1), son of Archie and Frankie (Smith) Oatman, was born 10 June 1889 in Springford, Oxford County, Ontario, and died 5 November 1973 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He is buried in Springford Cemetery, Springford, Ontario.


Eddie Oatman Playing History

Eddie with family



Eddie was married on 31 March 1921 to Mary Helen Durning in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 


Eddie began playing organized ice hockey at age 10 and continued for the next eight years in youth leagues in his hometown.  His professional hockey career began in 1907 with the Tillsonburg (Ontario) Junior Ontario Hockey Association. 

Though Eddie never played with the National Hockey League, he was among the elite goal scorers of his era.  During his 32 years (1907-1939) of playing professional ice hockey, Eddie was picked ten straight years as an all-star with the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA).  He was a star with the Quebec club when it won the 1912 Stanley Cup.  Eddie played with clubs that won five league championships, and he was a successful coach and captain of five different hockey teams. Eddie Oatman was featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not for "32 Years of Hockey", beginning in 1907 in Tillsonburg, Ontario, and running until 1939 when he retired from his playing career.  Eddie had one son, surname Oatman:


A         Ted, b. ca 1922



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