6201    DEAN LLOYD9     (Roy Bean8Orlin7Lyman 6Eliakim5, George4, George3,John 2, Johannes1), son of Roy Bean and Katherine (Stow) Oatman, was born 9 January 1909 in Medina, Medina County, Ohio. 


He married Helen Rozanne Ridiker in 1930; she was born in 1907, Bennets Corner, Ohio.  Dean was an assistant secretary and controller in a metal stamping and fabricating company before his retirement.  In 1981, they were living in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Children of Dean Lloyd and Helen (Ridiker) Oatman:


7900    Edith JoAnn (adopted), b. 1926, Cleveland, OH; m. Carl Frederick Meurer, 1947 (he was b. 1926 in Cincinnati, OH).  He was an area manager for Columbia Gas Transmission, Medina, OH, in 1981.  Children, surname Meurer:


A         Theodore Frederick, b. 1948, Cincinnati, OH; m. Cynthia Louise Richardson, 1969 (she b. 1950, Medina, OH); he worked in financial management for G.E. near Cleveland.  Living in Twinsburg, OH, 1981.  Children, surname Meurer:


  I         Scott F., b. 1974, Cleveland, OH


B         Pamela Sue, b. 1953, Medina, OH


7901    Kay Lynn, b. 1931, Toledo, OH; m. Charles D. Chase, 1954 (he b. 1925 in Cincinnati, OH).  He was a general foreman for Fisher Body in Mansfield, OH, and living in Lexington, OH, in 1981.  Children, surname Chase:


A         Deborah Ann, b. 1956, Mansfield, OH; m. Daniel K. Wittmer, 1977 (he b. 1955, Mansfield, OH).  Children, surname Wittmer:


  I         Daniel K., Jr., b. 1979, Mansfield, OH


B         Michael Dean, b. 1957, Mansfield, OH; m. Waynette Kaufman, 1979 (she b. 1960)


7902    Thomas Dean, b. 1934, Monroe, MI; m. Mary Joyce Johantges, 1956 (she b. 1934, Glendale, OH).  Thomas is a mechanical engineer.  Children, surname Oatman:


A         Dori Ann, b. 1959, Cincinnati, OH; m. Ronald G. Meyer in 1980 (he b. 1958, Cincinnati, OH)


B         Dean Robert, b. 1963, Cincinnati, OH


7903    Mark Ridiker, b. 1947, Cincinnati, OH; m. Barbara Jo Herrman (she b. 1947 in Cincinnati, OH).  Children, surname Oatman:


A         Brie Aileen, b. 1978, Cincinnati, OH


B         Lindsay, b. 23 Sep 1982


7904    Beth, b. 1948, Cincinnati, OH; m. Stephen Royer Hudson, 1971 (he b. 1943, Coshocton, OH).  Children, surname Hudson:


A         Emmy Elizabeth, b. 1975, Toledo, OH


B         Clare Marie, b. 1978, Toledo, OH




Sources:           Research by Barbara Hawthorne

                        Genealogies compiled by Marcella Fisher

Information from Virginia Sprankle, Ruth Stoddard, Jack Robin Vetter,

Dean Lloyd Oatman



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