Milo S. Oatman (827)

Milo (Peleg, Peleg, Daniel, George, John, Johannes), son of Peleg and Louisa (Elmer) Oatman, was born 27 September 1842, Yates Center, Orleans County, New York. He died 24 July 1928, Lyndonville, Orleans County, New York.

Milo had a twin brother, Philo M. Oatman; both were born with a bilateral clubfoot.

Milo married Mary M. "Minnie" Coleman, who was born October 1842 in Canada and died 14 March 1905, Lyndonville, New York, the daughter of Smith and Sabra Coleman.

Children of Milo S. and Mary M. (Coleman) Oatman:

2050 Carrie Louise, b. 20 Sep 1868, Genesee Co., MI; m. 1) Robert _____; 2) Lynford Miller

2051 Minnie Sabra, b. 22 Jun 1869, Mundy, Genesee Co., MI; d. 13 Jul 1945; m. Frank R. Daniels. Children, surname Daniels:

A Albert Oatman, b. 21 Jun 1897, Avon, Livingston Co., NY; d. 5 Aug 1969, Rochester, NY; m. Lula May Iler. Children, surname Daniels:

I Albert Oatman, Jr., b. 6 Feb 1922, Rochester, Monroe Co.,NY; m. Jean Marie Harold, 16 Jun 1945

II Donald Francis, b. 18 Dec 1931, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY; d. 1967 in Rochester; m. Frances Parrini, 7 Sep 1953, Rochester. Children, surname Daniels:

a Donald Francis, b. 23 Jan 1955

b Stephen Albert, b. 1 Feb 1957

B Mary E., b. 1898, Avon, NY; d. 27 Jul 1963

C Francis R., b. 1900, Avon, NY; d. 20 Oct 1987

D Dorothy S., b. 1903, Avon, NY; d. 1923

2052 Elmer, b. 1872, NY

2053 Charles, b. 1874, NY; m. Ada Walker


Birth certificate of Minnie Sabra Coleman
1880 soundex, Ridgeway, Orleans Co., NY
Family records of Patricia Godsey, Springerville, AZ
Family records of Albert Oatman Daniels, Jr., Phoenix, AZ

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