95        GEORGE5     (Benjamin4, George3, John2, Johannes1), son of Benjamin and Bethia (Smith) Oatman, was born ca 1786 in Washington County, New York.  The dates of his birth and death are presently unknown.  He married Elizabeth Winslow.


The "Index of Awards on Claims of the Soldiers of the War of 1812" [1969] lists a George Oatman, who submitted a claim for military clothing and equipment used in service, and was allowed $14. 


A George Oteman is listed in 1810, Rodman, Jefferson County, New York, with one male under 10, one male 26-45, one female under 10, and one female 26-45.  The 1840 census of Adams, Jefferson County, New York, lists George Oatman in a household consisting of one male 10-15, one male 15-20, one male 50-60, one female 10-15, and one female 40-50. 


If this is the same George Oatman, Elizabeth was dead by 1850, as in that census George, age 63, born Vermont, a mason, is living in Adams, and with him is Pamelia Richards, 49, also born in Vermont.  Lacking necessary dates, it is uncertain whether these are all the same George.


Children of George and Elizabeth (Winslow) Oatman:


393      Darius, b. 13 Mar 1815, St. Johnsburg, Niagara Co., NY (one source gives his birth place as Adams Center, Jefferson Co., NY); d. 26 Feb 1888, Adams Center, Jefferson Co., NY; m. Sylvia Ann Greene


394      Sophia, b. ca 1813, NY; d. Feb 1876, Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY; m. James Green(e), 1830, Jefferson Co., NY.  He b. 8 Dec 1808, Pinckney, Lewis, NY; d. Henderson, NY; son of Edward and Martha (Sheldon) Greene.  Children, surname Green(e):


A         Sheldon, b. 16 May 1830, Adams, Jefferson Co., NY; d. Smithfield, Jefferson Co., NY


B         Lyman, b. 9 Feb 1833, Adams, Jefferson Co., NY; d. 22 Apr 1912


C         Edward, b. 29 Feb/Nov 1836, Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY; d. Ludington, Mason Co., MI, 22 Jun 1911


D         Elizabeth, b. Jan 1838, Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY; d. Henderson


E          Martha A., b. Apr 1840, Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY; m. 1864, Charles H. Sprague, Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY


F          Earl, b. 1843, Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY; d. Washington Co., PA


G         Rosetta, b. 1845, Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY


395      Achsis/Achsah, b. 1809, NY; d. Apr 1893; m. Edward Greene, ca 1828.  He was b. Apr 1808, Adams, NY, d. 11 Mar 1840, Adams, NY, son of Joseph and Hannah (Nichols) Greene, Jr.  Children, surname Greene:


A         George, b. 1 Aug 1834, Adams, Jefferson Co., NY; d. 2 Oct 1906; m. Harriet A. Stoddard ca 1856, NY


B         Wilford L., b. 1836, Adams, NY; d. 3 Aug 1890, Traer, Tama Co., IA; m. Orletta M. Greene ca 1858; she b. 28 Apr 1842, Adams, NY, d. Traer, Tama Co., IA.  Children, surname Greene:


  I         Carrie, b. 20 Apr 1868, Traer, IA; d. Traer, IA


C         Ebenezer (Greene), b. 15 Sep 1838, Adams, Jefferson Co., NY; m. Cynthia Damaris Greene; she b. 20 Jan 1842, Adams, NY; d. Traer, Tama Co., IA, daughter of John N. and Eunice (Spencer) Greene.  Children, surname Greene:


  I         Mary E., b. 21 Dec 1859, Adams, NY; d. Perry, Tama Co., IA


 II        Willis J., b. 17 Oct 1861, Traer, Tama Co., IA; d. Traer, IA; m. Emma Cora Perry ca 1881.  Daughter, surname Greene:


a          Dessie, b. 18 Apr 1885, Traer, Tama Co., IA


III        Ora Edward, b. 1863, Traer, Tama Co., IA; m. Fannie B. McAlpine Mar 1889, Waterloo, IA.  Daughter, surname Greene:


a          Eva Blanche, b. 1890, Traer, IA


 IV       Cora A., b. 1866, Traer, Tama Co., IA; m. Ira E. Perry 1886, Buckinghamshire, Tama Co., IA.  Son, surname Perry:


a          Roy E., b. 1889, Traer, Tama Co., IA


  V       Nora B., b. 1869, Traer, Tama Co., IA; d. Estherville, Emmett Co., IA; m. John H. Axon 1889, Buckinghamshire, Tama Co., IA


 VI       Ralph O., b. 1877, Traer, Tama Co., IA


VII      Harry E., b. 1880, Traer, Tama Co., IA


     VIII Omer W., b. 1882, Traer, Tama Co., IA


396      Lydia, b. ca 1803, NY; m. Joseph Kinney, who was b. ca 1800, NY, and d. before 1880.  Children, surname Kinney:


                        A         Permelia, b. ca 1832, NY


                        B         Ezra, b. ca 1836, NY


                        C         Lydia J., b. ca 1838, NY


                        D         Ebenezer, b. ca 1840, NY


                        E          George H., b. ca 1842, NY; m. Ella B. ??


                        F          Catharine, b. ca 1844, NY


                        G         John M., b. ca 1846, NY


                        H         Anna A., b. ca 1849, NY


397      Lyman





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                        Bethany Hammond via e-mail 2007




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