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This page was created as an access point for information about the Birdsall Family.  It was last modified on December 9, 2019

Since 1999, there have been two Birdsall Reunions for those descended from Samuel and Elizabeth (Melick) Birdsall, Samuel and Elizabeth (Parks) Birdsall and Andrew Melick Birdsall and Elizabeth Scott.

Link here to view the diaries of Charles Wellington Birdsall from 1908 to 1980

I am descended as follows:

Charles Douglas Oatman - Doris (Birdsall) Oatman - Charles Wellington Birdsall - John Wellington Birdsall - Andrew Melick Birdsall Samuel Birdsall- Jacob (1722-1804) - Samuel (1687-1761) - Benjamin (1646-1719) - Nathan (1620-1696) - Henry (1588-1651) - Henry (1550-1631) - Robert (1520-1594) - John (1490-1559)

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There is a publication The Birdsall Family, published in 1982 by Mrs. James V. Fiori, P.O. Box 52, Endicott, New York 13760. Some of the information on these pages came from that book. Much also came from the personal records of Charles Wellington Birdsall as compiled by his daughter, Doris (Birdsall) Oatman.