Edgar D. Wilson, b. 1819, d. 1902, son of John Wilson and Fanny (Bartholomew) Wilson, m. Sarah Ann Whittaker (1822-1886) on September 26, 1843 by Shuck McConnell, minister of the gospel at Goshen Church.  After Sarah Ann’s death in 1886, Edgar married Nancy Ann Barton on December 13, 1887.

Edgar’s father John had bought 200 acres in Walsingham Township, Lot 23 of Concession 13.  In 1849 Edgar and Sarah Ann bought 50 acres of this lot, the NW ¼.

Considerable information has been assembled about the descendants of John Wilson and Fanny Bartholomew that also includes information about the descendants of Edgar D. Wilson and Sara Ann Whittaker.  The pdf file can be found here.

Children of Edgar D. Wilson and Sara Ann Whittaker, surname Wilson:

1.      Walter, b. July 1, 1844, d. August, 1844

2.      Elmira J., b. July 3, 1845, d. July, 1937, m. Lewis Howey (1846-1939) in 1870.  Both are buried in Eden cemetery.  Elmira was 21 when the family move to Bayham twp.  Here, she met Lewis Howey (Wm. Howey’s son) and in 1870 they were married by Rev. O.G. Collamore.  They were prosperous farmers south of the village of Eden, later retiring to the village where they live for 23 years.  They were the oldest couple to go out to vote together in the provincial election before her death.


Children of Lewis Howey and Elmira J. Wilson, surname Howey:

a.       Frank, m. Alice Walsh of Straffordville.  Children of Frank Howey and Alice Walsh, surname Howey:

                                                              i.      Harold, d. 1969, m. Edith Cecilia Alward.  Children of Harold Howey and Edith Alward, surname Howey:

1.      Reba, m. Wayne Procunier

2.      Erma, m. George Hornsby

3.      Donald

4.      Allan, m. Jean Helsden

5.      Basil, m. Ila

b.      Freeman, d. 1934.  He was married and went to live in New Westminster, BC at age 19

3.      Esther Ann, b. Mar 24, 1847, d. Aug 27, 1851

4.      John Eastman, b. May 30, 1850, d. Dec 4, 1925, m. Lucinda Emeline Magee (b. May 18, 1853, d. September 4, 1938), both buried in Eden cemetery.  Emeline was born in Burford, dau. of Mr. And Mrs. Wm. Magee.  They farmed Lot 6, Con. 14, N. Walsingham twp., 1875 to 1881.  In 1885 they are both listed with officials of Glen Meyer Baptist Church.  Following retirement from the farm, they lived in Eden where Mr. Wilson was an agent for Norfolk Mutual Fire Insurance.

Children of John Eastman Wilson and Lucinda Emeline Magee, surname Wilson:

a.       Glenville Edward, b. November 18, 1875, d. 1954, m. Carrie Gertrude Sinclair (b. Aug 1881, d. December 24, 1941), both buried in Lynedoch cemetery.

Children of Glenville Edward Wilson and Carrie Gertrude Sinclair, surname Wilson:

                                                              i.      Mack Alvin. b. March 4, 1897, d. Oct. 25, 1945, m. Myrtle Byerlay.  Children of Mack Alvin Wilson and Myrtle Byerlay, surname Wilson:

1.      Carolyn

                                                            ii.      Irma

b.      William Clayton, b. Dec. 13, 1899, m. Lennie Louise Clause.  Children of William Wilson and Lennie Clause, surname Wilson:

                                                              i.      Norma Ilene, b. July 4, 1905, d. 1964, m. Morley Bougner, b. Nov. 28, 1902

c.       Lennie Maude, b. June 24, 1880, d. 1964, buried Eden cemetery

5.      Bewell Goodsell, b. Aug 5, 1852, d. Nov 26, 1929, m. Mary Ann Graves, b. 1854, d. Jan 26, 1933

6.      Lucy Wilson, b. Jan 4, 1854, m. Peter Edmunds.  Children of Peter Edmunds and Lucy Wilson, surname Edmunds:

a.       Winnifred

b.      Erie

c.       Clare

7.      Freeman, b. Aug 7, 1857, d. Feb 18, 1918, m. Lucy Emma Whittaker (d. Nov, 1910), both buried Hanover, Michigan.  Freeman was born in Walsingham, spent his youth at Eden.  In Dec, 1879, he married Lucy Emma Whittaker of Marietta, Michigan.  He completed medical studies in 1910 at the University of Michigan.  He practiced for 17 years at Hanover Michigan.  Children of Freeman Wilson and Lucy Whittaker, surname Wilson:

a.       Blanche, m. Frank Wilson of Ypsilanti

b.      Stanley of Ypsilanti

c.       Ralph of Phoenix, AZ

d.      Joe of Emporia, KS

8.      Lowry Marietta (Laura), b. Dec 17, 1860, d. Feb 5, 1946, buried in Eden cemetery, same plot as parents Edgar and Sara Ann.