(Copy from Probate Records of Fairfield, Connecticut)





I, JOHN OUTMAN, of Stratford in his English Colony of Connecticut in New England being in perfect health and of Sound Mind and Memory (Thanks be to God for the same) & considering the Certainty of Death and the Uncertainty of Life, do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in Manner and Form following:


FIRST. I commend into the hands of Almighty God, hoping through the Death, Merits and Intercession of my blessed Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST to have full and free Pardon & Remission of all my sins & to inherit Everlasting Life; & My Body I commit to the Earth to be decently buried according to the Discretion of my Executors hereinafter named, Nothing Doubting, but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Mighty Power of God. And as touching what Worldly Estate the Lord has pleased to bless me with in this Life, my funeral charged & my jyst Debts being first paid, I give and bequeath as followeth:


ITEM: I give and bequeath to my loving wife Elizabeth Outman the Use & Improvement of all my Estate both Real and Personal during her Natural Life in ye Colony of Connecticut and Elsewhere of what Nature or Kind soever and at her, my Sd Wife's Decease, all my Housings, Lands and Movable Estate of what Nature or Kind soever to be equally divided between my six children, viz: George Outman, William Outman, Phebe Turril, Wife of Phin Turril, in ye County of New Haven, Sarah Clark, Wife of George Clark, in ye County of New Haven, Ann Outman & Deborah Outman. And my Will further is, & it is to be understood that whereas my two Daughters viz: Phebe Turril and Sarah Clark have already received a Considerable Part of my Estate as now stands charged on my Book, that the same as it stands charged on my Book, shall be accounted to them as Part or Portion out of My Estate when Partition is made between my six Children. And my Will further is that whereas my Daughter Elizabeth is now Deceased and I having in my lifetime given her Considerable of my Estate, & She having left two Daughters born of her Body, viz: Judiah Hurd & Elizabeth Hurd, that my Executors, hereafter named and mentioned shall pay to each of my Daughter Elizabeth's Children five shillings apiece Old Tenor money which shall be the full of their Portions out of My Estate. My further Will is that My Loving Wife Elizabeth shall have full power to sell any of my Housings or Lands in ye Province of New York & to execute Deed or Deeds for ye same & if she shall Sell & convey the same, she shall have ye use & improvement of ye Money During her Natural Life. And after her Death to be equally divided among my six Children as aforesaid. And I constitute & Appoint my Sd Loving Wife Elizabeth my sole Executor of this My Last Will & Testament & for full Confirmation thereof I have set My Hand & Seal ye 5th day of August A.D. 1753.




Signed, Sealed, Pronounced & Declared & by ye Sd John Outman to be his Last Will & Testament in the presence of us: Joseph Wood

Abijah Hide

Joseph Blackleach

Proven March 11, 1754

The value of personal property listed on the inventory of John's estate was approximately 1,367,4. Although John had already sold the house and lot he had inherited from his parents on 72 Pearl Street to John Van Horn, he still had some real estate left in New York and Connecticut at the time of his death.


* * * * * * * * * *


Here follows an Inventory of the Estate of Mr. John Outman, Late of Stratford, Deceased, as it was taken by the subscribers - according to old tenor money price - Ten pounds old tenor being now equal to one pound lawful money. We being sworn to a faithful discharge of that work as ye law directs.


Imprimis - s- d - s- d


One Bible 2-00-0 To pins 00-08-0

One old Ditto 0-12-0 To a parcel of old mohair

One Dutch Bible 2-00-0 and old Hatbands 00-15-0

One old Bible 0-05-0 To a parcel of old Tinsey

To an English & Dutch cord and Lace 01-00-0

Dictionary 3-00-0 To a Hetchel 6-10-0

To an old Common Prayer Book 0-06-0 To two pencils 0-06-0

To a Testament 0-12-0 To some tape lace 0-10-0

To an old book called a Box To 6 old boxes 0-05-0

of Precious Ointment 0-05-0 To 2 bells 1-10-0

To a book written by Bishop To old razors 0-06-0

Beveridge 0-10-0 To brushes 0-14-0

To ye history of Fair Rosamond 0-10-0 To a large looking glass 12-00-0

To a guide for Justices of ye To a small ditto 0-05-0

peace 0-10-0 To a slate to write on 01-00-0

To a parcel of old books 2-03-0 To 8 comb cases 00-10-0

To a parcel of old Pamphlets 0-15-0 To a sealskin trunk 02-00-0

To a parcel of Dutch Books 3-10-0 To an old trunk 00-15-0

To an old writing desk 1-00-0 To an old ditto 00-15-0

To old tenor money 51-15-0 To a round table 01-10-0

To notes in York money To a case of drawers 20-00-0

76-00-4 amounting to in old To a case for bottles 01-00-0

tenor money at 8 for one 646-03-1 To an old ditto 00-10-0

To notes for old tenor money 113-00-0 To a Cupboard 02-00-0

To 9 pair of thin thread To 30 lbs. of cheese at

stockings 6-15-0 2/6 per lb. 03-15-0

To 14 pair of thicker thread To a stand 00-10-0

ditto 14-00-0 To 3 old Canisters and

To 7 pair of wollen stockings 08-15-0 some Snuff 01-00-0

To 20 pictures 2-00-0 To some mustard seed 00-05-0

To a pair of Pistols & Holsters To an old watering pot 00-05-0

and an old Scimiter 14-00-0 To 2 tobacco boxes 00-06-0

To a gun and an old Cartouch box 8-00-0 To a warming pan 02-10-0

To 17 ounces of English saffron To two old chafing dishes

and an old Canister 25-00-0 and a brass ladle 00-15-0

To 3 dozen of Coat buttons made To Tea Cups and Dishes and

of Silver thread and 3 dozen Tea Pot & other old

vest ditto 3-00-0 Earthen ware 01-00-0

To 20 old buttons for a coat To 6 glass vials and a glass

made of silver thread 00-12-0 Standish & other old glasses 00-12-0

To a box of old buttons 02-00-0 To a Jarr 00-12-0

To a parcel of Brass wire 02-00-0 To 10 Ewes & 5 Lambs 20-00-0



- s- d - s- d


To 3 pair of money scales & a To 2 Cows & a Calf 60-00-0

small pair of scales & weights 08-00-0 To 10 lbs. of Tow Coverlet

To a larger pair of scales & Yarn 03-00-0

weights 08-00-0 To 6 lbs. of Woollen

To a small pair of Stillyards 02-10-0 Coverlet Yarn 03-05-0

To a large ditto 02-10-0 To old Snuffers 00-06-0

To 10 old Corkscrews 00-15-0 To a green Hatband 00-02-0

To 10 Thimbles 00-03-0 To two Calves skins 02-12-0

To 3 small Brass Bells 00-10-0 To 9 lbs. of Tow Yarn 03-00-0

To 18 dozen of Brass Curtain To 1 lbs. of Flannel Yarn 01-10-0

Rings 04-00-0 To 9 lbs. of Linen Yarn 06-00-0

To 6 plain chairs 03-00-0 To 2 pair of old Wool Cards 00-15-0

To one old Great Chair 00-15-0 To 2 lb. Bullets & Pouch 0-10-0

To one Black " " 01-00-0 To a few shoemakers tools and

To 3 old Black Chairs 01-05-0 three old Brass saddle cocks

To 3 old Leather Back Chairs 01-04-0 and a few other trifles 01-05-0

To a top knot for a horse 00-01-6 To a rowl of tobacco 00-05-0

To one young swine 02-00-0 To 1 lb. of pulled Tow and

To 7 3/4 lbs. of old Pewter 03-00-0 1 lb. of Tow 00-07-0

To 6 pewter spoons & a brass To 3 old baggs 00-12-0

ditto 00-10-0 To 6 acre dividing right in

To one large Pewter Platter 04-05-0 Commonage in Stratford 6-00-0

To a lesser ditto 2-00-0 To 150 Squares of Diamond

To a parcel of old tinware 00-12-0 glass 3-15-0

To a parcel of old earthen ware To a plain table 0-10-0

and a stone jugg 01-00-0 To a joint stool 0-02-0

To an old wooden bottle 00-05-0 To an old great table 1-10-0

To a knot dish and an old keeler and To a great joint stool 0-05-0

sundry old milk trays and an old To an old Iron bound chest 2-00-0

pail & some old trenchers com- To an old great wheel &

prising all ye old wooden ware 02-05-0 an old little wheel 2-00-0

To 6 lbs.of sheeps wool 03-05-0 To an old lamp 0-05-0

To 7 3/4 lbs. of Coarser wool 02-10-0 To an old Dutch wheel and

To 6 lbs. of Coverlet wool 01-10-0 an old clock Reel 0-15-0

To old knives & forks 00-14-0 To an old iron peel 1-04-0

To an old Copper Tea Kettle 01-00-0 To a pair of Tongs 0-16-0

To an old Brass " " 03-10-0 To an old Grid Iron 0-07-0

To 3 brass candlesticks & To a Tramhill 8 lb. weight 2-10-0

snuffers 03-05-0 To one small ditto 2-00-0

To 1 lb. 14 oz. of old brass 01-00-0 To a Brass Kettle 10-00-0

To a bell Metal tube for a water To an old frying pan 00-10-0

engine 58 lb. weight 20-00-0 To an old Iron Pot 01-15-0

To a loomb & Spoling Wheel and an To an old ditto 00-05-0

old slay & Harness and the rest To a wicker basket 00-10-0

of the utensils belonging to the To a basket with a cover and

Loomb 10-00-0 sundry old baskets 00-10-0

To an old side saddle 04-00-0 To a mortar and pestil 00-03-0

To a pair of old Jack boots 00-02-0 To an old box 00-04-0

To a pair of Iron horse geers To wooden ware in ye chamber 01-10-0

& a Dutch Collar & a pair of To a bedstead with the Sacking 1-10-0

wooden hems with Iron hooks To a bedstead & cord 01-00-0

and rings 03-00-0 To an old Lawn sieve &

To a horse plough Share & Bolt 01-12-0 2 old sieves 0-10-0

To a set of horse cart hoops 01-00-0 To 3 old boxes 0-15-0

To an old Hatchet 00-06-0 To an old Ragg Coverlet 0-10-0


- s- d - s- d


To 27 lb. poor old iron 01-14-0 To an old coverlet 1-00-0

To 42 lb. of old iron 05-05-0 To one old ditto [coverlet] 1-00-0

To two sickles 00-12-0 To a feather bed and boulster

To an old hand saw 00-05-0 38 lb. weight it being very

To an Inch Augur & a narrow old 9-00-0

Chisel 01-05-0 To an old bed quilt 1-05-0

To an old Louthern & an old To a Rope Coverlet 3-00-0

Candle box and an old To a feather bed and boulster

Candlestick 0-10-0 & 2 pillows 47 lb. 12-00-0

To a mustard ball 0-02-0 To an underbed very old 00-15-0

To a Rennet Bagg 0-10-0 To one bedstead and cord

To 4 lb. Redwood 0-08-0 and underbed in ye bedroom 01-05-0

To 11 yds of White Flannel 07-15-0 To a Tow Warp chest coverlet 01-05-0

To a Feather bed & boulster and To 2 old Blankets 00-05-0

two pillows 56 lb. weight 02-00-0 To a bedstead and cord 02-00-0

To a pair Tow sheets part worn 02-10-0 To a set of Green Curtains

To one pair ditto 03-00-0 and head cloth and tester

To " " " 01-15-0 cloth and Iron Curtain Rods 05-10-0

To " " " 02-00-0 To one sheet 01-05-0

To " " " 01-10-0 To one pair Linen ditto 01-10-0

To a pair of Holland Pillow To one large fine sheet 05-00-0

Cases 01-10-0 To an old Diaper Towel 00-04-0

To 3 Pillow cases 02-02-0 To a Diaper Table Cloth 01-10-0

To 4 old ditto 00-10-0 To one old Towel 00-02-6

To an old table cloth 00-05-0 To " " ditto 00-05-0

To a pair of white Kidskin To old casks in the cellar 02-10-0

Gloves 00-08-0 To a pair of thread stockings 00-02-0

To coloring stuff 01-10-0 To wearing apparel both linen

To of a yard of silver & woolen & hat 24-12-0

tabby 00-10-0 To 19 lb. of poor tobacco 00-15-0

To an old pair of Millstones

lying near Goodwin's Mill 05-00-0


The foregoing Inventory was taken and completed June the 10th, 1754 by

Mr. Jos. Blackleack )

Abm. Beardslee ) Apprisers


ATT. A Court of Probate held in Stratford June 18th, 1754, personally appeared Elizabeth Outman Executrix of ye last Will and Testament of John Outman late of Stratford Dec'd, & Exhibited ye foregoing Inventory in order for probation and made oath yt ye same is a true & perfect inventory of all ye estate of s'd Dec'd, that she knows of & if any thing further appears belonging to the said estate she will cause it to be added.


Said Inventory being proved is by said Court approved & ordered to be recorded.


Test. DAVID BURR, Clerk.


Rec'd for ye Will 50/ & for this Inventory 30/

John Outman Will & Inventory Recorded & Compared 1753.



(The original of the above Inventory and the Will of same and two other papers are in the State Library, Hartford, Connecticut.)


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